ArrowPainQuILT™ has been developed and evaluated through 5 peer-reviewed research studies. It has emerging evidence of high usability as well as content validity, construct validity, clinical feasibility, and patient preference in children (aged 12-18 years) and adults with different types of chronic pain and arthritis. Check out the Publications page to learn about the key findings from each study.

ArrowPainQuILT™ research has been presented at 12 medical conferences across 5 different countries, including the World Congress on Pain, International Symposium on Pediatric Pain, and Canadian Pain Society. Check out the Presentations page to learn more and download some of our award-winning research posters.


PainQuILT™  has also been a finalist in numerous start-up competitions such as LiON’s LAIR and has received over $100,000 in competitive funding (see Funding and Honours). We have been featured by numerous media outlets, including the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) and Hamilton Spectator. Check out the Media page to learn more.